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I am a potter. Visual artist, designer and doctor of arts. A child of the postmodern novel. The embodied knowledge acquired in direct contact with the material is crucial for my artistic practice. I look at the narratives contained in physical matter. I consider the process of creating a work to be its greatest value. My response to the escalation of consumption chaos is to take into account the non-anthropocentric perspective in man's relationship with the world. I am a fan of plants and barter exchange. 


> 2018-2022 - PhD (Doctorate) - Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Poland
> 2012-2014 - MA RCA (Master of Art) - Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom


2021 - Artifake: Art Invades Fakes - installation in public space, Art Transparent Foundation, Poland, Armenia, Ukraine
2020 - Audience Award at the 18th Survival Art Review in Wroclaw, City Port, Poland
2019 - FRANZ Rising Star Project, FRANZ Collection, Taiwan
2018 - Mazda Design Award, Lodz, Poland
2017 - Gazeta Wyborcza WARTO Award, Visual Arts Category, Wroclaw, Poland
2015 – Nagroda – Highly Commended Award , British Glass Biennale 2015, Stourbridge, UK

Solo Exhibitions

2022 - My Body Leads Me Down a Winding Path, BWA Galeria Dizajn, curated by K. Roj, Wrocław, Poland
2022 - The Auditory Imagination Space, Łaźnia Nowa Theater, Krakow, curated by B. Szydłowski, Poland
2016 - Of Mice and Men, BWA Galeria SIC!, curated by J. Kobyłt, Wroclaw, Poland

Group Exhibitions

2023 - Looking Through Objects, NOMUS, National Museum in Gdańsk, Poland
2022 – From the oven, International Design Expedition, Embassy of France, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2022 - Looking Through Objects, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design in Tallinn, Estonia
2020 - Map and Territory, Philosophical symposium, Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland
2019 - Zoepolis. Design for Weeds and Pests, Nosna Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2019 - Emerging Lines # 2, Berlin, Wrocław, Riga, Studierenden Werk Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2018 - The Other Side of Things. Polish Design after 1989, National Museum in Cracow, Poland
2017 - Roundabout Baltic, Design Museum Riga, Latvia
2016 - Prospero's Charm, Art to Enchant, Joanna Bird Gallery, London, UK
2016 - Design Dialogue: Poland - Brazil, Museum of Recent Art in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2015 - Duality of Function, Galway Arts Center, Ireland
2015 - Synergy, Peter Layton London Glassblowing Gallery, London, UK
2015 - Polish Table, Expo2015, Polish Pavilion, Milan, Italy
2015 - From Waste to Art, QGallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
2015 - Keep it Glossy II, Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, China
2015 - 59 ° Biennale Premio Faenza, International Museum of Ceramics, Faenza, Italy
2014 - HERE TODAY..., 50th anniversary of the IUCN's Red List, Sorting Office, London, UK

Conferences, Residences 

2022 – Residency – International Design Expedition, Ceramics and food roots, two-month artistic residency, Siem Rep, Cambodia
2021 – Conference - Can Art Save the Planet, an international conference on ecology and art, OP ENHEIM Foundation, Wrocław,         Poland; Lecture: Forest. Intertwining the human-non-human community, Wrocław, Poland
2020 – Conference - International conference on new contexts of crafts Wytwórczo/Makingly, Academy of Fine Arts. E.Gepperta in   Wrocław, Wrocław Academic Center, Wrocław Poland; Lecture: New technologies and thinking with the hand, Wrocław,Poland
2019 – Residency - FRANZ Rising Star Project, two-month artistic residency, Jingdezhen, China 2019 – Conference - Australian       Ceramic Triennale, Hobart, Australia, Lecture: Quality must be visible.


2023 – Polski Dizajn, ed. A. Koperda, Znak Koncept, Kraków 2023, ISBN: 978-83-240-9417-2
2021 – Wasteland, 18th Survival Art Review, Pumping Station City Port, ed. E. Pluta, Art Transparent Foundation, Academy of Fine Arts. E. Gepperta in Wrocław, Wrocław, 2021, ISBN: 978-83-940714-9-3, ISBN: 978-83-66321-43-4
2020 – Wasteland: Culture for the climate, ed. D. Mołodyńska-Küntzel, Berliner Pool, Art Transparent Foundation, Wrocław 2020,       Article: Climate change and the responsibility of artists, pp. 52-56
2020 – ZOEpolis, building a human-non-human community, edited by M. Gurowska, A. Szydłowska, M. Rosińska, Warsaw 2021,  ISBN: 978-83-66082-11-3


2018 – The Jerzy Grotowski’s Scholarship for outstanding scientific achievements for a doctoral student in the field of art, Mayor of the City of Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland
2018 – „Młoda Polska”, scholarship for outstanding achievements in the field of art, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage,           Warsaw, Poland

Works in the Collections 

> Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, China
> “Hotel Europejski” Art Collection, Warszaw, Poland
> Kraków National Museum, Poland
> Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola, Poland

Design collections temporarily available in shops 

> Tate Modern, London, UK
> Barbican Center, London, UK
> Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
> Manchester Art Museum, UK
> Future Museum, Dubai, AUE
> V&A Children Museum, London , UK 

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