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Drawing inspiration from the essence of air, the artist created sculptures made of glass and porcelain entitled AeriForm. This series is a natural extension of her exploration of the Stratum collection, delving deeper into the essence of the material and the technique of throwing on the potter's wheel. Here the emphasis is on the interplay of air, the potter's wheel and oval cuts in the crystal glass, acting as lenses, creating a mesmerizing illusion of movement. As the observer moves around the sculpture, the dynamic play of forms through the oval cuts gives the impression of subtle circulation, evoking the rotary movement of a potter's wheel and hot glass formed on the blowpipe. Through AeriForm, the artist invites viewers to reflect on the invisible yet necessary skills of an artist-craftsman. The limits of a finished sculpture are only an afterimage of the virtuosity needed for work based on dialogue with the material.

The work was created for the exhibition FUTURE HERITAGE curated by Corinne Julius, Decorex 2016, London, UK

Title: AeriForm
Year: 2016 
Material: porcelain, glass
Technique: wheel-throwing, glass-blowing
Dimensions: aprox. h = 15 cm, ϕ = 19 cm

AeriForm 2, Dim. h = 15 cm, ϕ = 19 cm

AeriForm 1, Dim. h = 18 cm, ϕ = 19 cm