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Auditory Imagination

The sound installation – based on ceramic resonators, powerful reverberation of the pumping hall, and the composition of falling
water drops – creates an acoustic environment that refers to the Japanese tradition of suikinkutsu. The sound not only determines the rhythm of the ritual, but also mediates communication between man and matter. Water connects all living things and it is essential for the proper functioning of living organisms, just like trace amounts of cobalt that make blue stains.
Contemporary environmental movements drawing on the concept of soundscape pay attention to forms of interspecies
communication. These mechanisms can only be discovered in the process of deep listening. Water as an environment for 
the propagation of sound waves, also in the bands inaudible to humans, is a symbol of the hidden and mysterious world.

Audience Award at the 18th Survival Art Review in Wroclaw, City Port, Poland

Curator: Daniel Brożek

Year: 2020
Technique: sound installation, hand-moulded clay objects
Material: stoneware, water, dripping system
Dimensions: 7 objects, aprox. human size

Photos: Agata Kujda (Thanks to Art Transparent Fundation), Grzegorz Stadnik
Video: Jacek Chamot