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Zoepolis. Design for Plants and Animals

The project was realized for the exhibition ZOEpolis. Design for plants and animals.

The work refers to the idea of zoe, or „life as such”, which manifests itself in movement, vitality and flflow of energy. Within this
idea there is no talk of death, because the withering and dissolution of one body is the beginning of another existence.
Life does not end, but transforms, which is literally illustrated by how animals and microorganisms „dispose of” the corpses of other
creatures. Patanowska speculates on the idea of a democratic interspecies relationship in which the circulation, decomposition
and recycling of animate and inanimate matter takes place. What will happen when the human body, like animal and plant bodies,
is subjected to composting processes? Can they be reintroduced into the cycle of nature instead of ritual burial, where everything is connected, penetrates, draws from each other, is intertwined and nothing is wasted? The property is accompanied by satellite images that show the fertility
of the soil directly caused by the presence of decomposing human bodies.

Curator: Agata Szydłowska, Monika Rosińska

Year: 2017
Place: BWA Design Gallery, Wrocław, Poland
Material: food waste, glass terrarium, glass bottles, biohumus, photos printed on a board

Photo: Alicja Kielan