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Take Art

Take Art was an artistic happening, during which a thousand signed and numbered porcelain objects, wheel-thrown by the artist, were displayed in the gallery in order to subject the audience to an experiment. Each person could take home one object of their choice. Violating the rules of a traditional exhibition where one can only watch and try to understand, the artist wanted to provoke an interaction with the audience. This project also points to the physical and intellectual inaccessibility of art, which often remains impenetrable, while the market rules make it a luxury product that very few can afford. One of the visitors pithily commented on
Take Art: So, this is it – art entered to the city.

Curator: Agnieszka Kurgan

Year: 2010
Place: BWA Awangarda Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland, individual exhibition
Material: porcelain
Technique: photographic documentation, throwing wheel, interaction with the audience
Photo: Grappa Studio, Katarzyna Kowalczyk