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The Entrance

As the artistic action, the artist intervened in the facade of the oldest theatre in Poland, the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow. This action was a response to the increasing interference by the ruling right-wing camp in the independence of artists' activities in Poland and to invisible censorship. The result of this intervention was the replacement of the word NATIONAL with INDEPENDENT in the inscription KRAKÓW FOR NATIONAL ART (KRAKÓW NARODOWEJ SZTUCE), which had been present on the building's facade since the theatre's inception. This work took place in the context of the inauguration of a new theatre season, whose motto was "Wyspiański Liberates".

Curator: Bartosz Szydłowski 

Title: The Entrance
Year: 2016
Material: plexiglas, golden paint, metal frame

Technique: performance action, photo and video documentation

Dimensions: 200x80x100cm