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The Shape
Of People To Come

How is the child's personality shaped? How will childhood experiences affect his future? How will adult decisions and behaviors affect the child? How to make the future adult self-confident, trust others, feel rooted? The author of the work asks herself and us. Made of exceptionally noble Limoges porcelain and Parian, she handcrafted 1000 tiny figures representing the forming figures. The emerging figures can be seen more clearly. Every movement of the fingers left a permanent mark on them, which determined their character, but the final shape remains undefined. Delicate and fragile people are waiting to be taken care of. You can take the figurine with you, but leave your mark on the empty place on the wall with a pencil.

The work was premiered during the exhibition "BASE", which is part of the program of the 22nd Biennale of Art for Children - "Art as a meeting" organized by the Children's Art Center in Poznań.

Curator: Magdalena Kreis

Title: The shape of people to come
Year: 2019
Material: porcelain
Technique: hand-molding, audience action, video
Dimensions: h.= 3 m,  l.= 10 m