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Touch. Bowls 70 

Although the artist often deals with topics that directly comment on reality, she regularly returns to traditional crafts, searching for connections between the past, tradition and conservatism and the present, currentness and boldness. In the chaos of 2022, she creates a work that values nuances and emphasizes the need for touch and closeness.This work is a composition of seventy tea bowls. This is as much as the artist can do in one day. The detail of the belly deformation requires craftsmanship. It talks about the value of a single gesture. Through a symbolic vessel, the artist juxtaposes subjectivity with objectivity. She asks what are you able to touch in the chaos of the present?

The series is a part of PhD project about contemporary contexts of craft defended in 2022.

Title: Ali Berg. Bowls 70

Year: 2022
Material: porcelain, 1300 C 
Technique: wheel-throwing
Dimensions: 70 bowls ( ϕ = 10 cm),  310 x 110 x 25 cm

Photo: Grzezgorz Stadnik