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Zoepolis. Design for Weeds and Pests

Life arose in water, every organism is filled with it, it connects all living creatures. At the same time, water is never completely crystalline in nature. It contains microorganisms, minerals, and impurities. It is also part of the soil. Burnt clay, which is made of earth, is a natural water filter. Clay traps
liquids - when puddles form in the substrate, the substrate is clayey. The installation draws attention to the drop, which becomes a prism that allows us to see differently than usual. Falling at regular intervals into the vessel, like an hourglass, it measures the time of which we have less and less.

The project was the result of the collective work of the following artists: Czarny Latawiec, Małgorzata Gurowska, Alicja Patanowska, Katarzyna Roj, Anna Siekierska at Nośna Gallery, Krakow, Poland

Zoepolis. Design for Weeds and Pests is an exhibition that focuses on, affirms and expresses care for the species that live very close to humans but are despised and often excluded. Taking the space of Nosna Gallery and its immediate surroundings as the starting point, the artists explore the peripheries and borderlands of the space, cooperate with their non-human inhabitants and propose project interventions with the goal of re-establishing the bonds with our closest neighbours. The main focus of Alicja Patanowska, Katarzyna Roj and The Black Kite are water and soil as the sources of life, complex ecosystems and habitats, whose unique vitality evokes fear in humans. Anna Siekierska and Małgorzata Gurowska direct their attention at the creatures that are big enough to see them, but which we do not want to see: common plants of extraordinary properties that inhabit unkempt lawns and cracks in the pavement, as well as the creatures that are held in contempt – pigeons, fruit flies, spiders...

Curator: Agata Szydłowska

Title: Zoepolis. Design for Weeds and Pests
Year: 2019
Place: Nośna Gallery, Krakow, Poland
Material: clay, wood, mushrooms, metal, seeds, video, brass, porcelain, willow brooms, glass, paper ...